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n plan to encourage automobile and household appliance "trade-ins" (he▓reinafter referred to as the Plan). The Plan shows that a maximum subsidy of 6,000 yuan will be granted f▓or "t

energy will

take a very long time in

rade-ins" of automobiles that have reached certain service lifetime.Subsidies totaling seven billion yuan to be allocated to "trade-ins"On May 19, the policy aimed at encouraging aut

the automob

ile industry. We shoul

omobile and household appliance "trade-ins" was studied and deployed during a State Council executive mee▓ting. The Plan for the first time clearly defines various aspects of the poli

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ect research i adipisicing elit

nto energy-saving technologies for conve

cy, including its procedure and the scope and standard of the subsidy.According to an official from the Nati

ntionally powe adipisicing elit

▓red vehicles." Xu Heyi, president of B

onal Development and Reform Commission, the basic idea of the Plan is to encourage "trade-ins" by means of fin

eijing Automot adipisicing elit

iv▓e Industry Holding Co., Ltd., said:

ancial▓ subsidies, with a view to expanding consumption demand, promoting energy conservation and emission re

"We are not su adipisicing elit

re wheth▓er hybrid or pure electric veh

duction, and developing circular econo▓my.According to the Plan, in addition to the 1 billion yuan already allo

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